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About our Events

Avanza Awards: The Avanza Awards recognize trailblazers who have demonstrated leadership in promoting diversity and inclusion among their staff in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors and/or leading policy priorities that advance Latino civic, social, and economic empowerment. In addition to forging a path forward in either diversity and/or policy, the Avanza Awards recipients have also served with excellence in their respective areas of expertise.


Poder Award for Congressional Leadership: The Poder Award is given to current members in both the U.S. House and Senate who demonstrate leadership in promoting diversity among their staff and across the government affairs sector.

Raices Award for Community Leadership: The Raíces award is given to an advocate in the nonprofit sector who has advanced public policy priorities and led efforts toward Latino civic, social and economic empowerment. 

The Trailblazer Award: The Trailblazer award will be given to a government affairs professional or firm who has paved the way for diversity across our profession and promoted the important role of Latino professionals in the industry. 

President’s Award: The President’s Award is bestowed on an individual who has demonstrated and embodied the values promoted by the Hispanic Lobbyists Association and excelled in their area of expertise.

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