I. Board Positions

HLA has (4) four executive and (9) nine at-large Board positions: President: Shall make decisions in the best interest of the organization and membership, develop and implement a strategic plan, oversee fundraising efforts, and convene regularly scheduled Board and membership meetings. Vice President: Shall lead all aspects of membership engagement; oversee the Mentorship, Professional Development, and Social committees; and execute other duties as designated by the President or Board of Directors. Secretary: Shall be responsible for keeping records of the Board of Directors’ actions, including sending out meeting announcements, taking minutes at all Board meetings, and distributing copies of the minutes to the Board of Directors. Shall ensure that governance and ethics issues, as determined by the Board of Directors, are addressed and that operational documents are in order, including but not limited to Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and best practice policies. Treasurer: Shall develop an annual budget in collaboration with the Board of Directors, maintain budget and corporate records, review fiscal procedures, oversee nonprofit tax requirements and regulations, and provide the Board of Directors with financial and regulatory updates. At-large Board Members: Shall work with the Board of Directors to advance the organization’s mission and goals, develop and support programming and events, and participate in regularly scheduled Board meetings.

II. Eligibility Requirements to Vote

Members must have paid their 2019 HLA membership dues. We encourage members to join or renew their 2019 membership dues via our website.  Members will not be able to pay for their 2019 membership dues at the Holiday reception. Membership is calendar year.

III. Voting

Eligible members have to vote in-person and by a paper ballot provided at the Holiday reception. Ballots do not have an option for a write-in candidate, write in names will not be tabulated. Ballots will be available from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm. Election results will be announced at the Holiday reception by 8:00 pm.

IV. Election Oversight

Max Trujillo, HLA member, will oversee this year's Board elections. If you have any questions about the nomination or election process, please contact him at mtrujillo@mjtpolicy.com.

V. Candidates for the 2020 Board of Directors

Executive Officers President: Liz Lopez – YWCA USA Vice-President: Anais Carmona – T-Mobile, USA Treasurer: Angela Arboleda – innovAr Strategies LLC Secretary: Amalia Chamorro – UNIDOS US At-Large Seats (9 seats to be elected) Candidates listed alphabetically. Lucia Alonzo – Ferox Strategies Manuel Bonilla – American Society of Anesthesiologists Maria Luisa Boyce – UPS Jorge Castro – Miller & Chevalier Mariana Acuña Delgado – Arent Fox LLP Carissa Faña – Becker Sofia Ferber – Invariant Susie Feliz – National Urban League Rosemary Garza – Univision Mary Ann Gomez-Orta – CHLI Rich Lopez – GM Laura Molinares – Bloomberg Government Norberto Salinas – Intel Patricia Tamez – Shell