Lucia Alonzo

Candidate for Vice President
Statement of Intent

I’m running for VP because our industry is at a turning point. As VP, I want to help us get even more creative to adapt to the pandemic. Most HLA members are early or mid-career and have lost networking time and opportunities we’ll never get back. The HLA can’t replace these opportunities, but our camaraderie, professional development, and networking opportunities is our essential value to members.


HLA traditions like our successful Avanza Awards may also need to change as the pandemic continues. We enjoy a great financial foundation thanks to the whole board. Our board stepped up and adapted this year, and I want to encourage that same innovation going forward. Shifting events to remote format during the pandemic, for example, could present a silver-lining opportunity for us to expand our reach beyond the Beltway to more members nationwide.


I also want to support our board in boosting early and mid-career Latino lobbyists in awards, press features, anywhere we have an "in" to drive Latino representation.


Finally, I also want to continue to boost HLA in the public eye. As we all know, we have as much influence as people THINK we do. Liz and the EC have done a great job of ensuring HLA picks go in important publications like The Hill’s Top Lobbyists. As comms chair, I have also worked hard on outreach to industry journalists. I want to be even more aggressive in seeking thought leadership and prominence to the HLA overall and our members.



Lucia Alonzo serves as Chief of Staff at Ferox Strategies, where she leads the firm’s research, analysis, and writing while maintaining a busy schedule advocating for our clients on Capitol Hill. Lucia is tasked with keeping our team on-schedule and on-target while ensuring top-quality daily client service. 


Lucia began her career as a constituent services representative in the Kansas City office of Sen. Claire McCaskill (D-MO). But soon, she packed her bags and quickly rose through the ranks to become a policy aide specializing in immigration and border security, education and workforce, and government affairs issues in the Senator’s Washington, D.C., office. 


A few years later, Lucia then joined the Podesta Group, top-ranked bipartisan government affairs firm, where she again distinguished herself as a top researcher and analyst helping clients and senior staff understand both the legislative and political spheres of Washington. Lucia excels in several sectors including appropriations, immigration and border security, defense and homeland security, transportation and infrastructure, and education and workforce. She is also an experienced Capitol Hill advocate, lobbying on border security, economic development, and nutrition issues. 


Lucia serves on the board of the Hispanic Lobbyists Association (HLA), where she serves as the group's spokesperson and leads communications with membership. 


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