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In recent years, the role of Hispanics in American politics and business has grown to record levels allowing more Hispanics to serve in public and leadership positions now more than ever. With increased participation comes increased awareness on issues impacting the Hispanic community and an increased need for advocates who reflect the great diversity of this country, and who appreciate the Hispanic community's perspective and its role in the greater political landscape.  

Membership does not require one to be a registered lobbyist - any individual interested in or already working in the fields of politics, government relations, public policy, advocacy, and public affairs will greatly benefit from our network and programming. 


The Hispanic Lobbyists Association was founded in 2006 by a group of Washington advocates with a vision to organize and associate Hispanic lobbyists across the country into an organization to promote communication, education, and bipartisanship.



Our leadership and Board is comprised of registered lobbyists as well as government affairs professionals who advocate, who communicate and educate on issues of great importance to our country and our Hispanic Community.  We are a diverse group representing industry, trade associations, education and not-profit interests and we believe in advancing a government affairs profession that reflects the diversity of our country.